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Job Placement Tracking Made Easy

The Leader in Automated Reporting for School Accreditation

Spending Hours Collecting Placement Data?

School accreditation can be challenging. Historically career service teams have used spreadsheets, manual text messages, and loads of emails to reach out to students to see if they got a job. JobWise™ automates the data collection process and makes life easy.


Automated Data Collection

JobWise™ integrates directly with your SIS to pull current student information. The system then automates job placement and licensure data collection from students via SMS. After successful collection, JobWise™ automatically updates the SIS, ensuring that your data is always up-to-date.

Job Board & Employer Portal

JobWise™ provides your school with an online job board that can be quickly integrated into your current website. Employers can easily post jobs and manage their listings, and all hiring data is aggregated with other job placement data for accreditation.

Text Message Matching

Students and graduates automatically receive text messages about newly posted jobs that match their certificate and preferences for pay, location, and commute. Students simply reply “Yes” if they are interested in applying for a new job, and the referral is sent directly to the employer.
Connecting schools and graduates like never before!

Automated Job Placement Data Collection

Schools no longer need to spend countless hours emailing, calling, and texting students to collect job placement data. Instead schools leverage automated job placement collection tools in a single platform and take advantage of a central dashboard and reporting. Best of all, data has never been more reliable.

Online Job Board

The online job board can be added to the existing school website in one click. The look-and-feel of the job board is configurable to match the existing site and allows schools to approve all employers who would like to post. Employers easily post jobs and allow applicants to apply online through a customized application workflow. Job seekers filter jobs based on keywords, distance from employer location, or job opportunity type.

Text Message Job Board

An innovative text message job board sends text messages to job seekers that match employer hiring criteria from job posts. Similar to a dating app, job seekers simply reply ‘Yes’ to the job matches they like, and employers are notified of the job seekers’ interest. Connecting to job seekers has never been easier where text messages have a 98 percent open rate, and 90 percent of text messages are read in under three minutes.

Employer Portal

Using the Employer Portal, employers post and edit jobs, receive new applications, and renew expired job posts. Employers can also "boost" job promotion to matched candidates and report back to schools on applicant status in the hiring process (e.g., Hired, Offer Extended, Rejected, etc.).

Dashboards & Reporting

JobWise™ provides schools with robust dashboards and reporting so schools can always be aware of their graduation and employment performance throughout the fiscal year and are able to plan proactively prior to accrediting body reporting deadlines. Reporting can be configured on a program basis, school-wide basis, or customized to fit unique school reporting needs.


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